Wednesday, November 20, 2019

An entrepreneurial viewpoint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

An entrepreneurial viewpoint - Essay Example Discerning the module has taught me that there are certain traits that any successful entrepreneur needs to be endowed with. A careful scrutiny of my own personality against these entrepreneurial traits has confirmed to me what I have and areas that I need to improve on to call myself a happy and successful entrepreneur. My entrepreneurial spirit is hemmed in by several personality traits that the module has helped me identify about myself and most immediately is confidence. Like Michael Bloomberg puts it: â€Å"Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have the confidence in your capabilities, never letting the bastards drag you down.† I believe that confidence comes in handy for startup success. I have the confidence to take the risks, and to lead teams in creating a vision and to confidently sell the product to investors and customers (Straut, 2008). The other trait is optimism, Bill Gates has made fortunes as an entrepreneur because he looked at what was ahead of him with optimism; and that is how I always look at things that are ahead of me. I have learnt from the module that an entrepreneur should be optimistic about a product, their teams and their future. A study done by Baron (2004) found out that entrepreneurs perceive risks as being smaller than they are in actual sense, and also smaller than many people would ordinarily perceive them to be. It is with such optimism that I look at the future that though things may look obscured at the beginning, soon they will clear up, all it takes is to hang on and be positive. Passion has taught me that anyone can succeed in anything they set out to do, as long as their endeavor is anchored on unlimited and incredible enthusiasm. I am very passionate about everything I believe in and speaking about the importance of passion in entrepreneurship, Baron (2004, pp. 230) wrote, â€Å"Passion is a key cog in the wheel of determination, it is both contagious and palpable, many consumers, businesses and investors will be swayed by an entrepreneur who exhibits great passion.† Going with passion is self-efficacy. Nolan Bushnell was quoted saying that â€Å"many people have great ideas, but it’s only a few of them who decide to do something about those ideas now; a true entrepreneur is the one who is a doer, rather than a dreamer† (Choo, 2004). The last characteristic that wraps up my entrepreneurial spirit is persistence. I made a promise to myself that I was going to be successful in anything that I put my all into. There is no amount of money, or any amount of labor neither any number of hours would deter me from giving the very best that is in me. The module is clear that a successful entrepreneur is one who is will overcome and persevere despite the many hurdles, setbacks or failures (Osborne, 1995). Entrepreneurs are able to learn from their failures to make improvements on themselves, their team and their products. I have an entrepreneurial mentality as opposed to an employee mentality and so it would more fulfilling for me to work in an entrepreneurial organization as an entrepreneurial manager as opposed to working in a conveniently structured organization with convenient management approaches. This is inspired by the fact that I have a vision to chart and create my own path, as opposed to that employee mentality

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