Thursday, November 21, 2019

Muslims who assimilate are better off than those who maintain their Essay

Muslims who assimilate are better off than those who maintain their traditions and culture - Essay Example The general belief among Islamic scholars is that "all men are not created equal, and democracy eventually lets the fortunate over-run the less fortunate. The idea of a caliphate is only now beginning to take hold in the Arab world. Europe won't come around until our example is there to follow "(Chu). Democracy in its present form is unacceptable to Islam. Islamic world believe that the efforts of Europeans to spread democracy across Arab world is an attempt to destroy Islamic culture and traditions. The agitations happening at present in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, etc like Arab countries are perceived as the deliberate attempt by the Western World to topple Islamic administrations prevailing in those countries. It should be noted that these agitations were originated not because of the interferences of any other Western country, but because of the self-realization of people about their present pathetic conditions compared that in other countries. In fact the recent successf ul revolution in Egypt and the marginalization of people by the patriarchal administrations motivated the people in other Arab countries to fight against the fundamental Islamic administrations. â€Å"In the social realm, Shari'a is more restrictive than Western norms and lifestyles.

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