Monday, November 18, 2019

Anabolic Steroids Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Anabolic Steroids - Essay Example The core of anabolic steroids touches two overlapping effects; anabolic and androgenic. Anabolic effect encourages cell growth, for masculization and maintenance of muscle; androgenic affect is used. Its use is nothing new. There are various medical and non-medical reasons of their use. The intake of these artificial hormones results in enhanced remodeling of bone growth and stimulation of bone marrow. Increased red blood cells, bigger appetite and greater than before protein synthesis. Mass lean muscle and increased weight in surprisingly short period of time may result by combining high dose of anabolic steroids with intensive exercise and high protein diet. When we talk about muscle and weight gain, it is just unavoidable to talk about "anabolic steroids." It is a drug, which makes the human body bigger and stronger, in a short span. It became very popular and found an instant way into athletes, body builders and weight lifter's life during 1940's.Most of the people use it to reduce body fat and get enlarged muscle size. It amazingly boosts the stamina and suppresses the stress hormone, cortisol. Due to this, anabolic steroids help the user to train more frequently. It also reduces the chances of muscle damage, injury and quicker recovery after the injury by acting as an anti-inflammatory. It is also used to keep the body fat level lower due to increased metabolic rate. The circumstances for muscle production become greater due to the increasing amount of nitrogen in the body. Most of the body builders and athletes make use of them for professional benefits. It gives strength and endurance to the user by increasing their ability to cop e with more physical pressure in today's cut throat competition of athletic world. Now getting down to the main point, anabolic steroid is used for medical purposes and still is a prescription based drug. With a passage of time its uses are becoming wider. Its main domain deals with hormonal problems in males, where there is not enough natural production of male hormone. "Hypogonadal states, delay of growth and puberty in boys, bone marrow failure, selected anemia, edema and late stages of breast cancer," Karch (1997) are the most common conventional medical uses include the use of anabolic steroid. In severe mal-nutrition and burnt cases, Anabolic steroids were taken, obviously with safety measures, by "post-operative patients to hasten recovery." Karch (1997). It ensures patient's quick recovery but due to lack of research, (ibid) "they have not proved efficacious for this appreciation." Latest investigational uses consist of endorsement of Anabolism in patients with Aids and alcoholic hepatitis, management of certain hyperlipemias and back-up for fibrinolyris. Administered dosage help the post-operative patients for quick recovery. It helps out people who lose muscle mass and face weight loss caused by Osteoporosis. It is also prescribed while treating some kinds of cancers. Anabolic steroids improve the symptoms without serious side effects in short cycles. Naturally, humans have various types of steroids present in their bodies. This commonly used drug is an artificial chemical compound, which intends to have a similar effect to those of a natural hormone. In males, who are unable to produce sufficient amount of testosterone, this seems to be the only

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